10 things you shall do for organic SEO !

Search engine has now gone into our roots and when it comes to google, it is like first URL to be opened while surfing internet. We tend to open it many times but we generally don’t get into the features offered by search engines. One of those features is, Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. Let’s explore it further.

Search Engine Optimization is a tool by which you can get your website ranked in top search results for a keyword. Now there are many tutorials on how to do SEO. There are some guidelines also issued by Google for doing this. What matters most is, your website rank. What guidelines you have followed is always secondary. SEO can give exponential growth in your business. There is a case study given here for you to understand how important SEO can be for you.

Case Study: SEO

Frank owns a hotel in New Delhi. It’s a budget hotel and not very luxurious. He has one website running which has hotel rooms availability and booking features. There are other hotels near to his hotel which are not that good in comparison to his hotel. Frank says, he is having all the better facilities in his hotel still people are not booking rooms with him. What was going wrong here?

He had good website to get his rooms booked, he had his hotel also listed at Google maps then also people are not booking !
Well, it is all because of search engine optimization which he has not taken care of. Whenever people want to book a hotel in that area of New Delhi, they search for it over google. Like ‘hotel in janakpuri, new delhi or hotel in new delhi’. But his hotel is not listed because he has not done SEO to the targeted keywords. When Frank was suggested for SEO, his revenues got doubled.

With this case study we can understand how it matters for a business to get ranked over Google. Whether you own a website on a particular subject or a business giving services to the community, SEO is always the choice.

Here are 10 things which shall be taken care while doing SEO…

1. Try not to copy any contents from anywhere.
2. Check your content with Plagiarism Checker and ensure there is no other copy of the same information available over internet.
3. Use targeted keywords in your post and use social share to posts.
4. Try to add important links (may be of your own posts or other authentic websites) in the keywords of your post and get yourself back-linked by others.
5. Try not to use google images directly. That may result in copyright issues. Check for ‘Royalty free images’.
6. Try to be authentic in your posts and not spam it by so many fake links and advertisements.
7. Try to be unique and bring something creative in your posts.
8. Try to write adequate content in your post. Posts in the range of A4-A5 are recommended.
9. Choose a unique domain and not necessarily the domain containing keywords.
10. Have patience and keep up with your work.

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