15 Latest Reception Bridal Saree Trends

An Indian wedding reception is always a wonderful and exciting time for the bride. You’ve just made the plunge into your ever after. It’s exciting, scary, overwhelming, and the time to dance away the stress of all that wedding planning. But before you get to the wedding party, there are big decisions to make. From selecting the perfect venue to choosing just the right bridal saree for your wedding reception. As is the case with all weddings, there are many bridal sarees to choose from and very little time.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about all the decisions you have to make and don’t have the time to research up and down the internet for bridal sarees for the wedding reception, then don’t worry, we’re here to ease your way. 

Saree is the quintessential friend to an Indian bride. It is the epitome of tradition, sensuousness and class. Selecting just the right colour and design of a saree can be an overwhelming task for any bride to be. There are so many choices from pearl-studded to mirror work, from traditional silk to chiffon, should you wear the classic red or go bold and wear pastels and structural silhouettes? Let’s help you with choosing your wedding reception bridal saree

4 things to keep in mind when selecting the bridal saree for your wedding reception

Traditional Saree

Colour of your Saree

Almost all wedding receptions are held in the evening. That means the colour of your saree not only has to compliment you and your partner, but also look good in flash photography. Another thing to consider is your partner’s outfit. Are you planning to wear complimentary colours? Such as a pretty pastel pink and blue? Or maybe you’re planning to go monochrome?

If you belong to the quintessential dusky spectrum of Indian skin tones, then you might want to consider warm and vibrant colours such as rust orange, shades of warm reds & yellows, forest green, and chocolate browns, etc.

And if you belong to the beautiful fair skin spectrum of the Indian skin tones, then consider dark and pastel pinks, blues, green, red, maroon, and purple., etc.

No matter which colour you choose, the happy bridal glow will make it worth your while.

Border and Design of Your saree

Sarees with broad and heavy borders look stunning but they can also act to weigh down petite and/or short women. Similarly, narrower borders and the size of the buti or print on your designer wedding reception saree can either complement your body shape and height or they can have the totally opposite effect.

If you’re short and/or petite, go for narrower borders and smaller, spaced-out karigari in your designer reception saree. Fabrics you could consider are chiffon, net, silk, and other flowy materials that will make you feel light and airy. Flowy fabrics and smaller prints will serve to make you look taller.

If you’re tall and voluptuous, go for bolder borders and heavy work to draw the eye in towards the details. Consider fabrics such as velvet and silk for your saree.

Selecting a design that will age well on Social Media

The wedding pictures aren’t just contained in photo albums anymore. They will be a part of your social media profiles for years to come. It’s important to know your style and pick just the right saree, a look that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

If you choose to wear something that is trending this month, that same design could become old in the next. It’s always advisable to wear classy, traditional looks with a hint of oomph from the current fashions. This way you get the benefit of both worlds. It can be something old with a dash of something new.

Selecting a design that you can repurpose for occasions after the wedding.

Banarasi Saree

A designer bridal saree is an investment and should be considered carefully. You would likely spend thousands and sometimes lacs on a designer bridal reception saree. You may want to preserve that reception look and never repeat the sari you wore on your special day or you may want to revisit the look in the following years. 

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to repeat your bridal reception saree. And it is equally okay to consider future possibilities before you make that heavy investment. It all depends on how you choose to wear a bridal reception saree? How can you repurpose or reuse your bridal saree? 

You can wear a mix-up of your saree with another saree of a complementary or contrasting colour to make a bold fashion statement. Or you could change out the modern low-cut blouse for a fuller long-sleeved blouse. Another thing that works is changing out the jewellery and hair to completely change the look of your saree. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to how to wear a reception party saree.

Now, that we have an understanding of how to select a bridal saree for a wedding reception party. 

Let’s take a look at the 15 latest reception saree trends!

The Cluster Pearls on Sheer Saree

Sheer sarees with the cluster bejeweled look will transform any bride into a fairy princess. If you’re looking for something simple yet full of elegance then this look is for you. 

The sheer saree brings a feeling of lightness and gives the eye of the beholder some space to rest before moving onto the brilliance of clustered pearls at the edges of the saree. This design will look especially beautiful on brides with an apple or pear body shape.

This sheer pink with the cluster beadwork is an exemplary example of simplicity with elegance.

The Statement Heavy Border

If you’re someone who likes a powerful look, someone who wants to convey what they feel in as few words as possible then this look is for you. This Sabyasachi classic red saree makes a powerful statement. 

It’s the perfect dedication to the Indian classic red bridal saree that has complemented the range of Indian skin tones for aeons. The solid red saree can be dressed up or down depending on the preferences of the bride.

A classic solid muted red saree with a golden broad border and heavy pallu will fulfil that deep desire for tradition, elan, and class in the modern bride.

The Range of Silk

You cannot go wrong with reception silk sarees for Indian brides. Whether it’s the coveted Banarasi or Kanchipuram, or the trending Tussar silk, these beautiful silk sarees and zari work their charm every time!

Especially a pastel modern colour along with contrast or a gold blouse will look decadent for an evening of mingling and feeling like a queen.

The Belted Avatar

Belts are trending this year and they’re here to stay. They can range from embroidered belts that match the outfit to metallic ones that add a certain oomph to your look. In addition to adding structure to the saree’s silhouette, adding a belt to  your look is one of the most coquettish ways to play hide and seek with your admirer. It lets the bride be sweet and saucy!

The Indian saree will forever be a woman’s best friend. We can choose to highlight any part of our body and draw the eye away from others. Using a belt only enhances this characteristic especially when you want to draw the eye to the waist. 

The Sculptural Silhouettes

Are you confused about which one to choose from various bridal sarees for wedding reception? Want to retain the traditional glamour yet go bold? Then, grab the sculptured pallu silhouettes for your wedding reception.

Sculptural silhouettes in sarees give an elegant look and imitates a ballgown feel. Feel special and confident in your traditional-modern avatar. A common choice for many millennial brides, these sculptured silhouettes are statement apparel that will allow you to shine and dominate the fashion in the room on your special day.

The Monochrome Sequins

Guests expect the newly-wedded bride to shine in her wedding reception. Even the brides want to shine in their reception parties and make a statement that people remember for a long time. The sequin sarees will make you shine in your reception parties, quite literally.

With a sequin saree you will dazzle the party and turn several eyes. The sequins are in single colour or double colours giving a bold yet delicate feel to the sarees. 

The Jacket Saree

Give your beautiful bridal designer sarees for wedding reception an unconventional style with a jacket. Wear your saree with embroidered, sheer, embellished or floral jacket to make your reception outfit top-notch.

To further enhance your style, pair your jacket saree apparel with a belt that would draw attention to your waist and make you a style statement in your reception party.

The Lady Boss 

Millennials and innovation go hand in hand. India’s two most common traditional dresses worn by women are sarees and kurti. When fashion is changing so much, why not combine the two traditional dresses into one and create a killer avatar? Well that’s what many brides are doing- combining sarees with short kurti blouses.

The apparel carries a matriarchal vibe but makes you absolutely dazzle on your wedding reception with the hippest fashion idea.

The Pleatless Drape

One of the worst fears of any woman wearing a saree is tripping over the pleats of the saree. With pleatless concept sarees, say bye-bye to your tripping worries. Pleatless drape sarees are easy to wear and carry. You are ready within minutes.

The apparel exudes elegance and imparts comfort and confidence. You do not have to fret over the arrangement and pinning of the pleats. Style the pleatless concept bridal sarees with exotic blouses and shine in your wedding reception.  

The Cotton Candy Organza 

A beautiful contrasted silk blouse contrasted with a sheer tissue saree is just the right mix of modernity and lux. A bride looking for a modern and delicate look would do justice to this beautiful lavender saree.

The decision to wear an uncommon color for a wedding reception can be rife with stress. But I’m sure the bride that chooses these unconventional sarees with their delicate dhaga Kadai and buti tissue and organza fabric will not be disappointed!

The Blouse Statement

Revamp your blouse with your bridal saree to create a style statement. Backless, beautiful back design, fringe, frills, sequins, designer sleeves, and stones are various ways a bride can design her blouse.

This pastel saree with the heavily embroidered blouse is a charming combination to wear for your D-day! 

The Modern Drape

A new bride has quite less time to get ready among all the customs and rituals. A modern solution to this age-old problem are pre-draped bridal sarees. If you are not well-versed with the technique of making the perfect pleats of the saree, then pre-draped sarees are your escape.

Get a sophisticated, chic and modern look with the pre-draped sarees. Embolden your bridal look at the wedding reception by pairing the bridal designer saree with embellishes, embroidered and sequin blouses. 

The Ruffled Feathers

Unfurl the drama with flirtatious ruffles. Ruffles highlight the silhouette making it a showstopper. Not just trendsetters, all the frills make the bride look innocent and haughty all at the same time.

With a little twist to the classic saree, these revived retro provide swiftness and comfort to the newly-married shining bride. Just drape the frills around you and you will be instant-ready for your wedding reception without having to go through the hassle of pleats. 

The Net Vaganza

Flaunt some skin with a classy and refreshing bridal saree made from net. Wear a simple net saree or saree designed with lace, gota work, zari or embellishments.

From colorful to patterned, floral to polka, stand in the limelight with net sarees in your wedding reception. Net sarees add extra youthfulness and glamor to your shine.

The Double Fabric

Add an extra fabric to your extravagant bridal saree for a unique and traditional look on your wedding reception. Family heirloom or mother’s wedding saree will add a sentimental touch to the memorable day.

Choose a complementing color in contrast with your main draped fabric to create a sensational attire. Fusion of sarees gives a sophisticated and chic look.

15 Saree Draping Styles for Brides on Wedding Reception

Pleated Style

Pleated style sarees are the most common style of wearing a saree. Try this style on your D-day with a high neck blouse and become the epitome of elegance. Whether reception silk sarees for Indian brides or bridal designer sarees for wedding reception, pleated style sarees can embolden any saree.

Floating Style 

Floating is a common and comfortable style of draping your bridal saree on your wedding reception. Carry any bridal sarees for wedding reception in this style and receive compliments. Fix the pallu with a pin or beautiful, designed brooch. To make a statement, style the floating style saree with back open or zipper blouses.

Dhoti Style

Instead of a petticoat, wear pants/ leggings. The lower half of the saree is wrapped in the style of dhoti, while you can drape the pallu over the shoulder in any way you want. Dhoti style saree will give you a traditional and modern touch on your wedding reception.

Scarf Style

Make a 360 degree transformation with your traditional saree on your wedding reception by wrapping the pallu of the saree around your neck like a scarf, instead of hanging it over the shoulders. This style gives you a chic and modern look. Pair the saree with a strapless or sleeveless blouse to highlight the scarf style. 

Retro Style

Are you planning to wear a georgette or chiffon saree with sequin, shimmery or broad borders to your wedding reception? Then, you would like to drape the saree in retro style to give your attire a 60s Bollywood feel.  

Mermaid Style

Glamor up at your wedding reception with a mermaid style saree. Wrap the saree on your lower half like a skirt with no pleats, but make sure the pallu is well-pleated before draping it over your shoulder.

Jeans Style

Let’s integrate the millennial trend with a traditional look. Who said you can’t wear jeans to your wedding reception? Well, here’s an idea with a twist. Pair up the jeans with bridal designer sarees for wedding reception and get a chic and funky look that is easy and comfortable.

Butterfly style

Want to go out of the box but not really change the traditional saree wearing style? Don’t worry. We have a solution for this conflict. All you need to do is make the pleats of your pallu sleek and thin. This will give your saree a modern disguise without changing much. Pair the saree with sleeveless blouse for highlight.

Lehenga Style

Give the traditional saree a desi twist by draping it like a lehenga on your wedding reception. All you need to do is spread out the pleats on the waist instead of tucking it together at one place. Drape all the saree around the waist in this manner, but leave out a portion for the pallu.

Knotted Pallu Style

To give a funky and different look to your bridal sarees for wedding reception, tie a knot on the pallu before draping it over your shoulders. It saves you time to make pleats and exudes a non-conformist vibe.

Gujarati Style

Gujarati Style Saree

Want a traditional look at your wedding reception? Then, you would want to wear your saree in the Gujarati style. This style is perfect to show off the heavy embroidery or zari work on your bridal saree. Instead of draping the pallu over your torso and dropping it behind your shoulders, directly put it over your shoulder so that the pallu falls on front rather than back. 

Bengali Style

A Bengali style saree highlights the borders of your saree. So, if your bridal designer sarees for wedding reception have beautiful or heavy borders, you can wear it in the Bengali style to draw attention to it. Wear the saree normally with the pallu going over the shoulder and down your back. After that, grab the loose end of the pallu and from under your arm bring it over your other shoulder.

Maharashtrian Style

Wearing reception silk sarees for Indian brides at your wedding reception? Drape it in the Maharshtrian style to exude a bold traditional look. The style resembles the dhoti-style but you do not wear pants in this style. You drape the saree in the dhoti style. 

Rajrani Style

To wear this style of saree, first, you need to wear the saree in Gujarati style. Second step is to take the free end of the pallu in the front and pinning it on the other shoulder, so that the pallu makes a V. And you are ready with your rajrani-style draping.

Twisted Pallu Style

Look gorgeous, sophisticated and chic with a twist to your saree. Literally! Twist your pleated pallu and then drop it down your back. With a designer blouse you will be ready to go in just a few minutes.


Before you select your wedding reception saree, remember that it’s for an evening that celebrates you and your partner. People around you from the designer and salesperson to the aunties will have opinions about what looks good on you and what will be appropriate to wear on your D-day. But remember that it is your evening and you should feel a hundred percent confident and full of sass on this special day. Choose the color, design, and fabric that you fall in love with, it is after all the start of your happily ever after.


Which Saree is best for an Indian wedding reception?

Although silk cannot be denied its place as the most coveted fabric of choice for Indian weddings. Brides are increasingly choosing chiffon, net, tussar silk, art silk, georgette, and velvet as their fabric of choice for a more contemporary look.

What is better for a wedding reception, Lehenga or Saree?

It depends on what you’ve chosen to wear for the wedding ceremony itself. If you’ve worn a saree for the pheras, then you’d want to wear a lehenga or a more a western gown for your wedding reception. Similarly, if you’ve worn a Punjabi suit or lehenga for the pheras then it’s time to don on the whole 9 yards of a beautiful contemporary saree. 

Or, be a bit daring and give a lehenga sari or a half-sari a try!

Which color saree is best suited for reception?

At wedding receptions, the bride and the groom are the center of attraction. So, the bright or shiny colors are usually the best choice for wedding reception, like green, shimmery gold, shiny red crimson, violet, silky or satin white and yellow.

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