Best Fitness Apps For Women To Use Today

Is your busy schedule keeping you away from the gym? Is going to the gym becoming a distant dream? Welcome to the club. Women of every age are struggling with this issue. So here we are with some workout apps designed especially for women to work out at home. 

Today, multiple fitness apps are just a click away. Every app has a unique feature that distinguishes it from the others. Moreover, it is this feature that helps you get results. Besides, these apps save you from spending a considerable amount of money on something you may not be able to do regularly. 

Five Best Fitness Apps For Women 

Best Fitness Apps for Women

Many fitness mobile apps are free or have a free trial period before a low monthly charge. Choosing a good app is equivalent to hiring a good coach, but it’s free. 

Below is a list of the five best fitness apps for Women recommended by experts. Try these apps and choose the one that is suitable for you.

Best Overall Workout App For Women: EvolveYou

EvolveYou is an overall fitness app, focusing on overall workout programs. Previously known as the Tone and Sculpt, this app customises your fitness plan as if your trainer created the program.

It lets you choose a trainer or coach with different specialities like endurance, strength training, yoga and barre. Moreover, you can select the number of days you would like to work out in a week, your comfort level – expert, advanced, intermediate or beginner, equipment and diet. Based on your selection, you can expect a workout from 8 to 67 weeks. 

Available On iOS and Android

Free Trial: 7 days

Packages Available: Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly

Best Pilates App For Women: Pilates Anytime


Nowadays, women are inclined towards Pilates as their go-to home workout type. So, Pilates Anytime is your app if you want to try Pilates at home or the gym.  

The app has Pilates workouts for all levels, styles, and equipment needs. It has an extensive collection of beginner and zero-equipment Pilates Workout videos. You can do these workouts if you do not have a machine or mat.

The app has over 200 coaches from 40 different schools. You will learn from the best ones, each with a different teaching style. Moreover, you also get access to new videos without ads every week. It is the best fitness app for women and has different kinds of Pilates.

If you subscribe, you can use the app on your computer, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, phone, and tablet.

Available On iOS and Android

Free Trial: 15 days

Packages Available: Monthly and Yearly

Best Yoga App For Women: Alo Moves

Alo Moves is an excellent app for prioritising your wellness goals. It has meditation, fitness, nutrition and self-care classes. You can easily flow through various yoga styles without a studio. 

Alo Moves lets you sweat out using a yoga mat or block. You also get access to other fitness modalities like Pilates and HIIT. Thus, it allows you to cross-train.

One of the app’s best features is it’s easy to navigate and find the session you need. You can choose classes based on instructor, difficulty, style, duration and intensity. The app provides weekly or monthly series to keep you on track. Moreover, you can watch videos offline by downloading them to your device.

Available On iOS and Android

Free Trial: 14 days

Packages Available: Monthly and Yearly

Best Fitness App With Live Workout: Peloton

Peloton has a wildly popular exercise program includes yoga flows, strength training sessions and marathon training. On Peloton, you can enjoy the charisma of high-energy instructors teaching with adrenaline-rush playlists and high-speed, non-boring workouts. 

You can stream these classes on your tablet, phone, laptop and TV apps. The app also tracks your activity beyond the Peloton workouts to analyse your progress in-depth. The paid version comes with unlimited access to workouts, a cadence monitor for taking real-time readings, and special theme classes and guests. 

Available On iOS and Android

Free Trial: 30 days

Packages Available: Monthly and Yearly

Best Personal Training App For Women: Ladder

Ladder is one of the finest fitness apps women prefer for personal training. The app provides videos demonstrating the correct form of every exercise. It also keeps track of other vital elements like your sleep and nutrition. 

In this app, your coach plans your daily workout schedule. You can opt for anything from HIIT training to bodybuilding, cardio, and strength training. It is an app that provides the much-needed accountability partner to keep you on track. 

Available On iOS and Android

Free Trial: 7 days

Packages Available: Monthly and Yearly

Summing Up

Women Excercising

As you can see, there are many fitness applications, and it is challenging to narrow down the list. So, while choosing the best fitness apps for women, consider the availability of tools to help you reach your goals, like building muscle, losing weight or increasing flexibility. Moreover, choose an app with multiple levels of expertise to challenge yourself and improve at every level.


What is the best fitness routine for Women?

A good fitness routine for women includes a comprehensive exercise program that includes stretching, aerobics, and weight training. Stretching prepares your body for exercise by increasing blood flow. Aerobic exercise tones muscles and enhances cardiovascular fitness. Strength training exercises boost muscle flexibility and strength. You can easily get this routine on fitness apps for women.

Is it worth paying for a fitness app?

Many fitness apps provide free exercise, whereas some charge a minimal amount. These apps do a lot more than just tracking your activity. They offer audio/video workouts, diet charts, and nutrition information. Besides, they also let you connect with other users. You can avail of all these services at a minimal price.

Who is the world’s fittest woman?

Tia-Clair Toomey is the world’s fittest woman. She has won the CrossFit championship for six consecutive years, from 2017 to 2022. Therefore, she is declared as the World’s Fittest Woman.

What is a women’s health app?

Women’s Health apps are fitness apps that track a female’s menstrual cycle, overall body health and moods. Moreover, it also predicts ovulation, reminds them to take birth control pills, etc. Some apps also come with an inbuilt workout program for women. 

Is home workout effective?

Exercising is a great way to keep you energised. With so many fitness apps in the market, you do not need to exercise at a gym. The home workout is as effective as gym exercises. The only difference is that the gym provides a dedicated space, but you get more flexibility with home workouts. Maximise your efficiency with time and equipment for a great workout.

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