Holidays 2024: Cheapest Foreign Tour from India

‘Economical and exciting’, this is the combination we care about while planning a trip. Visiting a ‘foreign’ destination is always there on our ‘ to-do’ list. Let us see some foreign destinations that can ensure affordable and pleasant trips to us. We need not to have a bulky budget to enjoy these scenic beauties.

Through this article we are going to know how some foreign- tourist destinations can be ‘pocket-friendly’ and what they offer!

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The very first destination which catches our attention is Nepal. The country residing in the lap of Himalayas, offers a glimpse of eight tallest mountains of the world along with the serenity of Indo-Gangetic plain. Let us know why Nepal can be a choice for the cheapest foreign tour from India.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Mount Everest
·   Sarangkot
·   Phewa Lake
·   Poon hill
·   Boudhanath Stupa
·   Golden Temple and so on
·   Religious visit
·   Tour to nature
·   Adventure sports
·   Sightseeing 
25000-300007 daysThrough International Airport, Roadways


The all-weather friend of India, Bhutan can help us to ensure several options for the cheapest foreign tour from India. The captivating sites of monasteries and landscapes with a spectacular range of subtropical lands can surely win our hearts.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Haa Valley
·   Trongsa
·   Punakha
·   Trashigang
·   Thimphu
·   Phuentsholing and so on. 
·   Adventure Sports
·   Trekking
·   Religious Visit
·   Wildlife Spotting
·   Local sightseeing 
25000-300006 daysRoad, Inland waterways, Airways


Beaches, pagodas, rivers! Vietnam, the ‘Southeast Asian Beauty’ attracts a lot of tourists’ attention. It is one of the most preferable holiday destinations. Vietnam never fails to impress with its serenity and charm. Let us ponder upon what makes it one of the cheapest foreign tours from India.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Hanoi
·   Mekong Delta
·   Ho Chi Minh City
·   Sapa
·   Ha Long Bay
·   Nha Trang and so on.
·   Yatch or Boat Cruises
·   Local Market Tours
·   Caving
·   Tours to wildlife
·   Tours to islands 
30000-400006 daysAirways

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Parks, lakes and a tourist-friendly approach by the management of Myanmar helps it get a massive attention. The hush and lush can easily be found on this land. So let us give a quick look on what makes this country one of the cheapest foreign tours from India.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Yagon
·   Bagan
·   Mandalay
·   Putao
·   Monywa
·   Saung Beach and so on. 
·   Cultural Tours
·   Historical Tours
·   Nature Walks
·   Food Tours 
30000-400006 daysRoadway, Airways

Hong Kong:

The atmosphere has a lot of merriment and joy. It is an international shopping destination too. Its architectural beauty is surely a treat to eyes. Let’s see what makes it one of the cheapest foreign tours from India.

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Hong Kong
Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Happy Valley
·   Stanley Market
·   Nathan Road
·   Cheung Chau Island 
·   Recreation
·   Sightseeing
·   Religious visits
·   Shopping
·   Wildlife tours
·   Sai Kung and so on. 
40000-500006 daysAirways


Kenya can steal the attention of wildlife lovers. With picturesque landscapes, Great Rift Valley, highlands the land of Kenya qualifies to become a beautiful tourist spot. Let us look into why it is one of the cheapest foreign tours.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Malindi
·   Lamu Islands
·   Mount Kenya
·   Masai Mara National Reserve and so on. 
·   Sports Tourism
·   Shopping
·   Cultural Tour
·   Sightseeing  
60,0006 daysAirways


The ‘Kingdom of Wonder’ soothes souls with its undisputed calmness and the tint of traditions. It has got plenty to offer to make our minds and hearts richer.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Bayon Temple
·   Tonle Sap
·   Preah Vihear
·   Angkor wat
·   Koh Ker and so on. 
·   Recreational visit
·   Cultural tour
·   Religious tour 
50000-600007 daysAirwaysRoad, Rail


The United Arab Emirates comprises Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two most visited places. We can avail the opportunity to have a lot of sporting moments and delicious food.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Dubai
·   Abu Dhabi 
·   Cultural Tourism
·   Shopping
·   Desert Safari
·   Cultural Tourism
·   Adventure Sports
50000-700007 daysAirways, Water ways


It happens to be the most visited place. Shopping and snacking are always the spirit of a visit to Singapore. It can be chosen to pay a visit if we are looking for one of the cheapest foreign tours from India.

Places to visitThings to try Cost Per Person (INR) DurationConnectivity
·   Civilian war memorial
·   Singapore Flyer
·   Helix Bridge
·   Merlion Park
·   Temple of 1000 Lights and so on.
·   Shopping
·   Wildlife Tours
·   Nature Tours
·   Food Tours
·   Art Tours & Beach Tours 
40000-500005 daysRoad ways, Air ways, Water ways


 Lebanon, one of the ancient countries in the world, is known for its rich and diversified history, making it a fascinating holiday destination.


Lebanon has:

  • Ancient Roman ruins
  • Well-preserved castles
  • Limestone caves
  • Historic churches and mosques
  • Beautiful beaches nestled in the Mediterranean Sea
  • World-renowned Lebanese cuisine
  • Nonstop nightlife and discothèques 
  • Mountainous ski resorts and so on.
Places to visitThings to try  Cost Per Person (INR)   Duration  Connectivity
·   Historical & Religious Monuments
·   Tripoli
·   Batroun
·   Deir el Qamar
·   Sidon and others
·   Explore architecture
·   Eat Delicious Local Cuisine
·   Nature Tours
·   Go Sightseeing
1,00,000-1,20,0006 daysAirways

Some other cheapest foreign tours details from India:

S. NoCountriesDuration of Stay (In days)Cost Per Person (INR)

What should be in mind while selecting a cheap foreign tour from India?

Nature of trips:

We should plan trips according to our convenience. Our focus should be on the ‘purpose’. Purpose could be a birthday celebration, honeymoon, get-together with friends or dear ones and so on.

Travel Experience:

It could be in accordance with the ‘mood’ behind the planning. Sightseeing, beach holidays, nature loving and so on.

Exchange Rates:

Countries having weak exchange rates make the visit feasible and affordable.


A visit to countries where English is not spoken, can give a different experience to us. It can be fun and difficult at the same time.


We can avoid the spots where health conditions may get affected or social harmony is disturbed.

Consultance with Tour Operators:

Tour operators do offer guidance. We can help ourselves in getting insights about the plans that fit a particular budget.


Which is the cheapest country in Europe to visit from India?

Poland, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania can be some of the feasible options.

Which is the cheapest foreign destination for Indians?

The cheapest foreign destination for Indians is Nepal.

Which country has the most visited foreigners as Indians?

Sri Lanka welcomes the largest number of Indians as its visitors.

Name some vegetarian-friendly destinations.

Apart from India, Sri Lanka and Italy offer a wide range of options for those who are vegetarian.

Name some favorite destinations for food lovers.

Vietnam and Thailand are always appreciated for their cuisines.


We look for a foreign destination which can offer bountiful yet beautiful memories. A hustle-free trip which takes care of the ‘pocket’ is like a cherry on the cake.All one needs is to be clear about the choices to be made, to ensure a pocket-friendly trip.

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