Some Wonderful Memories of the Childhood to Recollect

Do you remember your first day at school clearly?  Are your childhood birthday party photographs your favorite?

Do you still crave your grandmother’s special recipes when you are sick?

If these are the childhood memories you are living with, then get ready to enjoy the ride to memory lane!

Childhood is a special time filled with happy memories. It is undoubtedly the best time of our lives. There are many quotes about memories of childhood that transport us back to the carefree days within a second. As adults, we love sharing incidents from our childhood as they are amusing but also bake us nostalgic. 

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The Special ‘Firsts’ of Childhood:

The First Birthday you remember:

Back in the day, birthdays were all about you and your friends enjoying at home. The new dress, the homemade superhero cake, the birthday cap were must-haves at the birthday party. The handwritten invites were given to friends in person (no emails).

Birthday Memories

There was fun, food, music, dance, and unlimited cold drinks. Everyone including you wore conical, shiny birthday caps!

It was so much fun giving goodie bags to your friends as return gifts and posing for photographs. Especially getting your childhood memory captured in the Fujifilm camera was full of surprises. As the photographs only came in later and often your mom’s finger was above the lens in many of them!

Even at school, you were in the focus with all teachers and friends wishing you. Distributing cupcakes at school was great fun too!

First Day at School:

Thinking about the first day at school still gives butterflies in the stomach to many. It is such a moment of mixed feeling. You are excited about the crispy new school dress, backpack, school supplies, etc. At the same time, you are also nervous about meeting new people and getting lost in the new big school building!

Invariably, many of us end up doing something funny on the first day of school that creates a permanent childhood memory. Some of us miss the school bus on the way back home, others sit in the wrong class. The First day at school is always a part of memories of childhood

Classroom Memories

First tooth Falling Out:

Tooth falling out is the first sign of growing up. Typically, in children teeth start falling out when you are 6 or 7 years of age. You surely do not remember growing your milk teeth but their falling out is a memorable experience. All of us have put our fallen teeth in a pot, making a wish and waiting for a tooth fairy to fulfill it. 

Childhood is indeed a magical time!

First Performance at School:

You surely have a photographic memory of your first stage performance (were you a bunny or a kitty). The excitement, the nervousness and the winning feeling once the performance went well would be as fresh as yesterday in your memory. And if it is not then dig out that childhood family album and relive the moment.

Stage Memories

The first recital, first certificate, first recognition, and winning the first competition are special memories of childhood. You feel at the top of the world with all the love from parents and teachers. 

The first stage performance is the most important as it sets the bar for all future performances. 

Childhood Memories with Extended Family:

Visiting Grandma in Summer:

As a child, visiting grandparents is always special. You get a break from the city hustle. Grandparents are ready with treats to pamper you. Living in the countryside and relishing Grandma’s apple pie is a summer of dreams. Somehow, time crawls when you are at grandma’s. The relaxed nights and leisurely mornings, the afternoon naps – you don’t get those in the city. 

The walk in the forest with grandpa, picking pumpkins for dinner is a cherished memory of childhood. Sleeping outdoors and star gazing is a nightly ritual, every day!

Visiting an Amusement Park:

Every child has a special memory. Riding the giant wheel for the first time is surreal! The candy floss, fried food smell, clowns, and many rides; how can one forget those trips to amusement parks. The bubble machine used to be all over the place. Strategies were made well in advance to ensure that maximum rides are covered. 

Swimming Memories

This was one day you didn’t mind waking up early and being in the sun all day! It was a roller coaster ride, literally & figuratively!

The Backyard Barbeque:

As a child, you might have not been interested in setting up the barbeque. But it surely kept the adults busy and you could do your thing. Also, there was sumptuous food that followed! Adults often knew that barbeque is not children’s favorite activity so they had distractions planned.

Barbeque Memories

So there were board games, basketball sometimes. If you were lucky, there was a mini pool where you and your little friends splashed the summer away!

The Bedtime Story Sessions:

When the extended family gathered, there were usually a lot of children. Sometimes more than the adults can handle. Putting them to sleep was a task! There was always one creative uncle in the family who was on bedtime story duty. 

The little ones were tucked in bed and lights were dimmed for effects. He came up with fascinating stories with the most vivid narration.

You may remember hearing your very first horror story from him. Today when you talk about memories of childhood, those stories still continue to haunt you!

Childhood Memories with Friends and Cousins:

Sleepovers with Friends:

We meet our friends during school and evening strolls, but it is more special when there is a sleepover. Firstly, it gets the friendship to the next level as now you know your friend more closely. Also, you get to show off your chemistry with your friends to your siblings and how much your friends are in love with you.

Another bonus is that parents are on their best behavior. Mom makes delicious food and dad cracks jokes. Sleepovers are always exciting, especially in childhood. 

Watching Cartoons on TV:

As a child, watching cartoons would be your favorite thing on T.V. Especially, Sunday morning cartoon session with breakfast is something many children look forward to. That was the only day you were allowed to watch T.V and eat at the same time.

Cartoon Memories

Watching your favorite cartoons with cousins (who are your first friends) was next level as you got someone who was on the same frequency. The Mask, Scooby-Doo, and Dexter’s Laboratory are some very popular animated series. 

Many other famous animation series include:

  • Batman
  • TaleSpin
  • Captain Planet
  • Duck Tales
  • Ninja Turtle

Playing with your Pet:

Pets are an inseparable part of memories of childhood for many of us. The most popular pets are dogs, followed by cats. Some children also had parakeets, goldfish, turtles, rabbits, and guinea pigs as pets. There were some who had very unique pets like frogs, rats, and snakes.

Pet Memories

We all had one such friend who had a rabbit. Many times the reason for going to his house was to play with the rabbit. Playing with pets is not only good for the mental development of children but also gives them the necessary social skills. 

Childhood Memories with Siblings and Parents:

Family is the primary social group of a child. This is where they make their first attachments and learn things. Each member of the family plays a different role in the child’s development. 

Childhood Memories with Mother:

The mother being the primary caregiver of the child is very close to him/her. From their first smile to their first step, she witnesses everything. Even as the child starts going to school she is the one who hears all the school stories. 

Your childhood memories with your mother are very special because she has seen you grow and develop. She is almost intuitive about all your needs and whims too. Be it pening your lunch packet to see your favorite snack or getting your much-awaited birthday gift, she organizes everything. 

Childhood Memories with Father:

As a child, you would remember evening bike rides with your dad. Playing games with your father is an integral part of growing up. You may remember engaging in various activities with your father like Basketball, Cricket, Fishing, Camping, etc. 

Learning to use the screwdriver is a fond memory you may have of your childhood with your father. As a child, you knew, when you want a little adventure, spend the day with dad!

Childhood Memories with Siblings:

You have a love-hate relationship with your siblings (we all do). It is strange. When they are there, they get on your nerves. But when they are away for some time you miss them immensely. 

Siblings Memories

You also have beautiful childhood memories with them. Like sharing your favorite toys, clothes, a room (sometimes a bunk bed), eating food secretly, and playing video games. Your siblings are your permanent playmates at home, school, and outside. As you share the same parents, they know what you go through every day and can empathize. 

There is also a flip side to this, siblings are also your chief conspirators. They know all your secrets and sins. So you are in trouble if they turn against you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who was the pioneer in animated motion pictures?

Walt Disney Animation Studio was the pioneer in animation motion pictures. It has many motion pictures to its credit like ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and ‘Cinderella’ remain the most popular series. 

Who are our first cousins?

Children of your parent’s siblings are your first cousins. 

What is the age at which one starts forming long-term memories?

It is believed that starting at the age of two and a half years children start making long term memories. 

Which is the biggest theme park in the world?

Walt Disney World is the largest theme park in the world. 

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