Indian Lockdown Wedding: Celebration, Decoration & Gift Ideas

‘ Unsocial is safe’ is the echo that now hits our day-to-day regime. The entry of pandemic into our lives has made drastic changes.  If we talk about the wedding celebration, which has always been perceived as the source for merriment and socialization especially in a society like ours, has witnessed significant changes. It is evident that covid wedding ideas are in a bit contrast with the traditional ones.

 So let us gaze upon some far-reaching impacts of lockdown and how to arrange the wedding in lockdown.

Check this post if you want to know Lockdown wedding celebration ideas. In this article you can know about how to plan Indian wedding during lockdown.


Memes, cartoons, jokes pertaining to marriage and its preparations are no more going to surprise us because celebrations these days, bring a heavy baggage of doubt and fear in place of excitement. So, the question persists, how to plan an indelible event which can comply with lockdown norms and safety measures. A few suggestions are listed below regarding the lockdown wedding invitations:

  • During the lockdown a limited number of guests were allowed to grace the event. We could opt for the sassy soft copies of wedding invitations mentioning the details of the ceremony.
  • A group chat can suffice and take in charge of ‘virtual invitation’.
  • Writing messages related the concern and wishes for the ones who were supposed to attend the event can ensure the smile of the recipients.
  • Wedding invitations can be poetic, which would appear unconventional.

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A lockdown wedding is bound to be a small wedding. We cannot manifest everything majestic materialistically but yes! love and emotions can always embellish the grandeur of such a ceremony. It is time for us to don the hat of wedding planner. We can opt for some simple yet classy ideas for the wedding decorations:

  • Handcrafted stuffs, banana leaves, rangolis can amplify the beauty of ‘mandap’.
  • Flowers never go out of the vogue! yes, we can choose fresh flowers to garnish the spot where rituals are going to happen.
  • For a breezy recollection of memories beautiful family collage can be used for decoration.
  • Lighting can play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of night events.
  • Rooftop of the house can fully be utilised by the proper planning.
  • We can also ponder upon DIY decoration techniques and refer to online videos to choose one in accordance with taste.
  • We must not forget to place sanitizers in the corners of rooms/ areas keeping in mind the adversity floating all around. We can use our sense of creativity, bring winsome bottles can place these aesthetically.
  • Handmade posters mentioning the reminder to handwash, masks on etc can add ‘charm ensuring zero harm’ to the event.


Home is a place which plays the cradle for all of our emotions. There is no problem in avoiding luxurious air-conditioned marriage halls and embrace the serenity by celebrating at home. Let us check on the ‘checklist’ for an impediment proof preparation when we are planning a lockdown wedding at home:

  • Wedding events are a true combination of creativity and precision wrapped in the skin of rituals. So, the very first step is the preparation of a list. List must comprise of all the significant rituals and stuffs related.
  • Then comes the decision of picking up the nature of event, whether the family wants a prototypical traditional event or a mix of trend and traditions.
  • We need to notify all the dear connections about the timings so that a perfect virtual family meet won’t face any hindrance.
  • We must have sufficient number of sanitizers, masks in store.
  • We have seen a lot of news mentioning Bollywood stars going for an intimate wedding affair cladding outfits what their parents (in particular mother) wore. Trusting the notion ‘ old is gold’ we can refurbish old outfits.
  • In place of continental and exotic food items, we can switch to traditional or patent dishes of the region.


Pandemic has taught the relevance of ‘ small is beautiful’. It does not mean that those who could not attend the event physically are less important. So, in order to decide the guests’ list, we must ponder on a few substantial points:

  • Gravity of situation in the cities they (guest) are residing. It would help in determining the list by keeping the safety on mind.
  • We must consider the duration of travel they would be making risking their safety.
  • We must decide the list in accordance with the guidelines furnished by the authorities.


  • Gifts always bring a lot of happiness. But what if one thinks of gifts which would promote ‘ vocal for local’ ideology or ‘eco-friendliness’!
  • For the return gifts we can order handmade or eco-friendly boxes which would appear classy and unconventional too. We can have sustainable baskets for the gifts.
  • We can pick traditional crafts ditching typical brands.
  • We must try to pick gifts keeping in minds the taste of guests too.
1. An updated contact list must be maintained.1. We must avoid the last-minute preparations.
2. We must set reminders.2. We must avoid the factors that may take a toll on health.
3. We must take advice for old family members as they are experienced in tackling emergency.3. We should avoid junk food or stall food.
4. Guess-list must be prepared in advance.4. We must not over-stress ourselves as celebration and recreation go hand in hand.
5. We must divide the work according to interest.5. We should not forget to update guests about any last-minute change.
6. A doctor must be kept in touch for unforeseen conditions.6. We must not break any norm issued by governing authorities.


How to Know about the norms and guidelines issued by authorities regarding a lockdown wedding?

Government guidelines are present online. Government has provided Marriage permission and Performa for attendees and it is one search away on the internet.

How to take care of health amidst celebration and pandemic?

In order to take care of the health, ensure the hygiene and safety. Keep washing hands and avoid the intake of junk foods.

How to purchase stuffs in bulk without encountering the market?

There are several online stores dealing in wedding shopping.

What make-up is apt for an intimate and small wedding?

One can go for gold and bold yet glass and nude make up look according to their choices.

What should the toolkit comprise of?

During celebrations one must have a toolkit containing medicines such as acetaminophen, cetrizine, saline nasal spray, ibuprofen etc. Antibacterial cream ointment, medical tape, bandages should also be included.


These days, small gathering is saving us from threatening our heath conditions. An intimate and elementary wedding helps couple to stay enrapt on their emotions and sentiments more. If we take care of safety and guidelines nothing can impede the happiness as love knows no ‘lockdown’!

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