Realme X2 Review

Realme launched Realme X2 as the last smartphone of 2019. This smartphone has been launched as an upgraded variant of Realme XT, the first smartphone with 64MP camera. On the occasion of the launch of Realme X2 Pro, the company also called it Realme XT 730G by CEO Madhav Seth. It is clear that Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor has been used in it. Other features of this smartphone are given like Realme XT. Even its look and design is absolutely Identical of Realme XT. After using this smartphone for about 20 days, we have brought a review of it.

The price of Realme X2 is around Realme XT. But it has a more powerful processor, faster charging and higher resolution front camera. On paper, it looks like an upgrade. But the most intriguing feature is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor which is meant for gaming enthusiasts. This processor claims to have better graphics performance than the Snapdragon 730. In performance, Snapdragon 710 is better than Snapdragon 712.

If you are among those who are looking for a great smartphone for less than Rs 20,000, then the same question will be in your mind that is Realme X2 worth buying? Let’s know…

Realme X2 design

Let us first talk about the design of this smartphone. Its design resembles that of Realme 5, Realme 5 Pro, Realme 5s and Realme XT. Once you see these four smartphones will look the same. The phone comes with a quad rear camera attached with LED flash. Talking about the front panel, it has a waterdrop or dew drop notch display panel.

Volume buttons are provided in the left panel of the phone. The SIM card slot is provided above the volume button, in which you can insert two nano SIM cards and a microSD card. At the same time, the power button has been used in the right panel. The bottom of the phone has a USB Type C charging jack, 3.5mm audio jack and speaker. The weight of the phone is 182 grams, due to which you will not find it too heavy and you can carry it easily. The company has kept this smartphone idyllic like other quad camera models. However, you may like its new Pearl Green color.

Realme X2 price, specifications and software

Three variants of Realme X2 have been launched in India – 64 GB storage (Rs 16,999) with 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage (Rs 17,999) with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage (Rs 19,999) with 8 GB RAM. All variants use LPDDR4X RAM. Connectivity features include dual-band Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 5, three satellite navigation systems and common sensors.

Realme X2 Price
Realme X2 Price

The most attractive feature of Realme X2 is processor. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor which we have seen in phones like Samsung Galaxy A80 and Oppo Reno 2. Both phones cost more than Rs 30,000. In such a situation, keeping the price of the phone below Rs 20,000 is an achievement for the company.

Realme X2 comes with ColorOS 6.1. You will get Google’s digital wellbeing feature, system wide dark mode and many gestures and shortcuts.

Realme X2 performance and battery life

We got an 8 GB model of Realme X2 for review. As expected, Android ran very smooth. The in-display fingerprint sensor performs authentication very fast. You will find some different animation styles for the fingerprint position indicator. Face recognition also works well and you will be able to use it even in low light. There is no notification LED, but you can get information about work like time and alerts through Always On Display.

We did not receive any complaints about the phone heating up. Despite using the camera for a long time in the outdoor, the back of the phone did not heat up. Realme X2 gave solid performance in gaming. We played powerful graphics games like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends and Arena of Valor for testing. It ran very smooth and the phone did not get too hot. The phone also got good scores in the benchmark test.

In terms of audio quality too, the performance of Realme X2 is good. It has only one speaker. But it comes with Dolby Atmus enhancements. This gives a boost to mid-range and low frequencies. Watching videos on the big screen is something else. This is due to punchy colors, excellent viewing angles and satisfactory brightness.

Despite using more, Realme X2 gave support for about a day after being fully charged. Its battery is 4,000 mAh.

The charging speed was commendable. We were able to charge the Realme X2 from zero to 60 percent in just half an hour. It took over an hour to charge the phone 95 percent. This is possible due to the VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 feature.

Realme X2 cameras

In Realme X2, you will get a 32 megapixel selfie camera. Its aperture is F / 2.0. The camera shoots a common selfie in native resolution. But in portrait mode, the pixels bind and go to 8 megapixels.

With Realme X2, you will be able to shoot 1080 pixels selfie video. The details were captured in good light. The videos came stabilized. But electronic stabilization caused little distortion. You can’t turn it off.

For photography, the quad camera setup of Realme XT will be available here. This setup includes 64MP primary camera (F / 1.8), 8MP wide angle camera (F / 2.25), 2MP depth camera (F / 2.4) and 2MP macro camera (F / 2.4). 64MP really takes very detailed photos. In the rest of Nikescape mode, it gives a very good photo. You can see some sample photos here. These smartphones are Ultra Steady Mode and Bokeh Mode for video, which work quite well. Although a little bit of perfection is still needed.

The 64-megapixel primary camera takes 16-megapixel photos by default. The image quality was excellent during testing. Edges of objects came sharp and completely defined. There was also no shortage of details and HDR did the right thing. There was a little noise at the edge of each frame. But it comes out only when zoomed in. Occasionally autofocus problems occurred with close up objects. But this was not the case every time.


Realme X2 really takes the success of Realme XT forward. In today’s date, buying it instead of Realme XT or Realme X is the right decision. Because you spend a little more money to get the software with Realme X2 Pro and also the hardware upgrade. Realme X2 has Dewdrop Notch. If this design does not embrace you, then you can choose Realme X which comes with a notch design and has a pop-up selfie camera.

The video quality may be slightly better in low light. There is no FM radio. Apart from this, you get a good display, great battery life, fast charging, capable cameras and strong gaming performance. If you are not a gaming enthusiast, then Realme X2 is the best phone of Realme available for less than Rs 20,000.

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