The Best Development Toys for Kids in India

Parenting is a wonderful experience and when it comes to your own baby, it is a different pleasure. Specially the mothers who are caring the kids 24*7. Perhaps parenting is the best period of Mother’s life. If we talk about babies then they also have special attachment to their mothers. For both, babies and parents, childhood is most enjoyed when their loved one plays with different toys and does all the naughtiness. With naughtiness, love and fun, it is also necessary that parents cater babies’ learning and make them more creative with the help of their very own toys.

In this article, I talk about some wonderful toys which can perhaps enable your kids with lot of fun, learning and creativity. We have divided the toys according to their age group. The First Age Group is 0-3, Second is 4-7 and Third is 7+.

First Age Group 0-3 Years

1. Stacking toy with 5 colorful rings

Stacking Toy
  • Helps your baby in detection of different colors.
  • Helps in size differentiation.
  • Strengths baby’s sense of touch.
  • Enhances the eye-hand coordination of your baby.

2. Colorful Rattles and Teether Toy Set

Rattles for Babies
  • Attractive sound adds fun to your baby’s play helping in sound detection.
  • Different movement and activities like shaking, pulling, rotating and sensing.
  • Small sizes of rattles make it perfect for your baby.
  • Teether is the best toy for baby’s teething.

Second Age Group 4-7 Years

1. Turbo Blocks with Wheels

Turbo Car Blocks
  • This toy enhances creativity of your kid.
  • Engage the kids in creating different models and thereby improving the potential mindset.
  • This also develops confidence for success in kids.
  • A mix of Racer and Building Block.

2. Activity Book

Activity Book
  • Enhances reading ability and language skills.
  • Accelerates their motor skills.
  • Encourages bouts of creativity and imagination among them.

Third Age Group 7+ Year Olds

1. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube
  • Must have toy for every 7+ year old child.
  • Reduce the addiction of mobile gaming with this wonderful toy.
  • Helps in building patience and handling anxiety.
  • Releases the school pressure and gives a good brain exercise.

2. Math Puzzles

Math Puzzles
  • Improves problem solving skills of your kid.
  • Engaging and fun filled puzzles to make the best utilization of their time.
  • Wide variety of sudoku puzzles may enable them with better mathematical skills.
  • Best way to build the competitive attitude in your kid.

I hope, all these toys will help your dear ones. These toys are being collected at this location after a great exercise. However, if you have any better suggestions then please let me know in the comment section.

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