Top Free Fitness Apps for Beginners

Remember when you first signed up for a gym, full of excitement and determined to reach your fitness goals? Initially, you were thrilled, but then reality hit: confusing workout routines, intimidating gym equipment, and absolutely no clue about where to start left you feeling discouraged. However, what if somebody told you there is a way to do away with the hefty gym cost? The numerous free fitness apps for beginners available across different platforms are an absolute game changer.

Explore the Top Fitness Apps for Beginners Here

Fitness App

If you are new to the world of fitness, sweat for free with the best fitness apps for beginners. Save money, get fit, and find your perfect workout routine all in one with these workout apps. This blog explores the top 10 free fitness apps for beginners especially.

This app focuses on a holistic approach to health and wellness. Additionally, it also offers classes ranging from straightforward meditation and yoga classes to high-octave routines like boxing and strength conditioning. The app also provides personalised meal suggestions that will complement your workouts.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 


HealthifyMe is the best fitness app for weight loss. It is designed to suit the Indian demographic. Moreover, it is not a simple calorie counter; it also includes an extensive database of regional foods that help track calorie intake. Additionally, its workouts are designed for Indian body types with a blend of yoga and training.

  • Available on: iOS and Android

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is an excellent fitness app for free for those searching for the finest fitness applications. You can browse various programs here organised by workout style, equipment needed, and muscle areas using an easy-to-use interface. The app also offers useful nutritional measures and wellness tips.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 

30-Day Fitness at Home

The 30-Day Fitness at Home is the best fitness app for beginners looking for a challenge in their daily fitness. Interestingly, this app is designed to increase intensity daily and ensure that the user stays motivated to see the results. It is about building and sticking to a routine and not about one-time workouts.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 


Onsurity is a fitness app for beginners that comes with complete health plans, in-app health check ups free doctor consultations, and even discounted medicine options. Therefore, it provides you access to the best healthcare benefits.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 


Sweat is considered to be one of the best fitness apps for women. This fitness app for walking features high-intensity circuit training that is perfect for beginners who are looking to change their health. Additionally, Sweat follows a user-friendly community style, with a preview of each workout before it starts. Most exercises on this app are easy to follow, and the instructors are highly motivating.

  • Available on: iOS and Android


Centr is a comprehensive fitness and wellness app created by Chris Hemsworth and his selected team of professionals who cater to men. Consequently, with a wide range of effective workouts, from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Pilates to Core Training, this app provides men with a complete exercise guide while maintaining a healthy nutritional balance.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 

Fit Body

Fit Body is a community app created by women for women. This app has 12 programs that help you to reach your fitness goals. Moreover, the duration of the classes on the app is 30 minutes or shorter but also includes stretching sessions. This app also comes with 72 weeks of meal planning with customised proportions according to your calorie needs. 

  • Available on: iOS and Android

Big Fit Girl

Big Fit Girl is the perfect fitness app for beginners. It was created by Louise Green, the author of Big Fit Girl and the president of Size-Inclusive Training Academy. Consequently, this app was created to provide accessibility to women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. With this fitness app, you can start your fitness journey with simple chair exercises and move up to strength and on-demand cardio workouts for free.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 


Glo is the perfect fitness app for weight loss for beginners. If you want to improve your health by practising Yoga, Glo’s 5000 classes and more are ideal. Additionally, you only need to download the app and take a quick quiz to map your personalised plan. Furthermore, you can even download the sessions and work on them later if you cannot access Wi-Fi at some point.

  • Available on: iOS and Android 

Fitness Apps for Beginners: A Comparative Analysis

App NameTop Features iOS RatingPlay Store Rating
Cult.fitLive classes with real-time feedback from experts.
Attention to mental wellness, including sleep monitoring.
HealthifyMeFood and Activity Tracker based on the Indian palette.
Weekly calorie insights and analysis.
Nike Training ClubDifferent levels of workouts are available that cater to everyone.
Sessions are easy to follow and efficient.
30-Day Fitness at HomeMultiple exercises targeted for specific body parts.
No equipment is required to work out.
Onsurity Access to best-in-class mental health solutions.
Access to easy nutrition and dietary plans.
Sweat Best high-intensity zero equipment sessions.
All workouts are suitable for women at all levels of fitness.
Centr Personalised meal plans, workouts, and mindfulness to help track daily growth.
Track progress, load, and reps with simple monitoring plans.
Fit BodyEasy-to-use app for yoga lovers.
Offline downloaded sessions are available.
Big Fit Girl Live workouts and community sessions.
Judgement-free fitness options.
Glo Easy-to-use app for yoga lovers.
Offline downloaded sessions are available.

Benefits of Using Fitness Apps for Beginners


Gym trainers do not expect beginners to understand the complexities of strength training or any other form of progressive exercise, and getting a personalised training plan can be expensive. If you are not looking for involved workout routines, then a free fitness app will save you a lot of money and still provide you with solid workout plans.

Fitness apps measure your exercise routine and keep tabs on your food and water intake in an effort to assist you in leading a healthy lifestyle. Certain apps can even help monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. 


Which is the best free fitness app?

The best workout app will always depend on your requirements. However, Nike Training Club can be a good option for a free workout app.

Which type of workout is best for beginners?

There is a ton of value for beginner exercises to learn the basic movement patterns at the start of their fitness journey.

Do fitness apps really work?

Training at home using an app can be a great way to hit your fitness goals, but it is important to find the best workout app for your specific needs and the way you like to exercise.

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