What is Alexa Rank?

Many of us are doing blogging or owning a business which requires targeted traffic. For all the neophytes, there is always a challenge to get their website ranked high over search engines. There are some big players in the market which are ranked high for almost all the keywords they are targeting to so it becomes very difficult to compete with them.
Nontheless, there is always a way. One of the ways of getting you closer to your targeted keywords is taking help of Alexa so let’s try to understand Alexa…

What is Alexa ?

Alexa Internet, Inc. is an american company based in San Francisco and found in 1996. Further to this, the company was acquired by Amazon in 1999 for $250M.
The company is actually specialised in web traffic analysis. It collects data on internet browsing behavior and sends them to the Alexa where they are analysed and stored.

What is Alexa Rank ?

There are two categories in Alexa Rank. One is Global and the other one is National. Global rank is mostly the rank of your website over other millions of websites according to the quantity of traffic visiting the website.
For example, if your website is driving 1000 visitors per month then all those websites driving traffic anything greater than 1000 will be standing high in terms of rank.

How does it matter to me ?

Well, it hardly matters to you if you are not blogging or you don’t own any website that is looking for organic SEO. But if you are a blogger or you own a website then
it may be a stepping stone in the journey to promote your website over internet traffic.

How can I improve it further ?

You can improve it only by means of your authority, trust and organic SEO techniques. Read ‘The best techniques for organic SEO‘.

Special features which can help me ?

Yes, Alexa has some very special features which can be used under their free trial of 15 days. Special features include ‘Site overview report’, ‘Keyword analysis’, ‘Comparison to competitors’, ‘Finding less competitive keywords’.

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